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The machine consists of a flywheel which drives the frame through a set of cams mounted on both end of the shaft of machine is made of high endurance steel supported on two bearing blocks. The drive is obtained by a slip ring motor through a flat belt which ensures gradual starting of machine the heavy saw frame is designed to with stand stresses and tension load and vibration. Four special sliding units are provided for obtaining and sustaining the rectilinear movement and load of blade holder frame. The sliding units are  supported on four pillars. The cutting motion speed is regulated through a system of four lead screws and a set of gear boxes all the motions are controlled through a control panel with proper safety accessories fitted. The machine is designed and manufactured ideally for cutting marble block with high efficiency, trouble free working with high speed, keeping in view all safety measures at very competitive cost.

Technical Specification for High Speed Diamond gang Saw Machine :-



HT - 70

HT - 80

1 No. of blades 70


2 Length of blades 4180 4180
3 Length 3250 3250
4 Height 1900 2000
5 Width 1800 2000
6 Main Motor 150 HP. 180 HP.
7 Fast Speed (UP & Down) 10 HP. 10 HP.
8. Stroke length 600 mm 600 mm
9. No. of strokes / Min. 110 110
10. Weight of Machine 40 Tons 42 Tons.
11. Trolley size 3200 X 1810 mm 3200 x 2010 mm.

Description of High Speed Diamond Gang Saw Model HT-80:-

This machine is designed and constructed ideally for cutting marble blocks in slabs with high efficiency trouble free working with high speed, keeping in view all the safety measures, and this all ofourse with very competitive cost.

1. DRIVE SYSTEM :- This machine is consisted of a heavy and well balanced fly wheel suitable for adjusting alternatives movements.

The shaft of the fly wheel is made by special high endurance steel, mounted on proper pillow boxed with antifriction bearings.

The two cams of the cranks are mounted at the both ends of the axle for imparting the alternative motion of blade holder frame to both connecting rods.

The Drive is obtained by a slipring type powered main electric motor through a flat belt.

The system ensures the gradual starting of fly wheel with easy and smoothness.

2. SAW FRAME :- The Heavy saw frame is designed to withstand tension load all stresses and vibrations possible during operation so that the as made geometry of blades is maintaine in the frame for an efficient and distrotion free cutting of slabs. 

Four special sliding guide unit/ pendulam type are provided for obtaining the rectilinear movement of the blades holder frame. These sliding guide units having self aligning system remain in constant oil bath and ensures remarkable precision during alternative motion of blades during the operation.

3. COLUMNS :-  For supporting the frame consisting of the whole group of blades, four heavy columns of stiffened and shaped steel are provided which are designed to with stand all possible stresses and vibrations developed by the movement of frame during operation. 

4. TROLLEY :- The trolley performs up and down motion with the marble block for cutting operation. This is supplied with four guides in pressure sliding prismatic precise slides mounted on four columns.

This is designed for perfect alignment between the platform & saw frame. The up and down motion is produced by powered jack-screw mechanisms, for this purpose four  big screws are incorporated which receive the feed from a motor variator reducer unit with consent to obtain a variation of sawing speed as required depending on the type and quality of the block.

5. CONTROL PANEL :- We also provide a reading desk with all control devices for ensuring a complete control over the electrical functions for desired safe operation.

 for reading the feeding rate a tachymeter is provided. For fast approach and return of plat form together with block carrier trolley mother speed reducer unit is also provided.